Coordinating Your Visit

Vitoria Physicians Group selected Wanda Johnson of TLC Medical Travel Services to coordinate your visit because of her personal experience of having been in your situation. Her business background makes her the perfect person for the task.

TLC Medical Travel Services’ mission is to provide “Tender Loving Care” to guide you through the process of obtaining medical care away from your home environment. We realize that you may be stepping out of your comfort zone and we desire to make this a pleasant, rewarding experience for you.

Wanda has been professionally and personally involved in the bariatric field for many years. She had Reconstructive Plastic Surgery performed in Brazil by Dr. Fabio. She has personally struggled with the insurance approval process. She has experienced weight loss surgery and the subsequent benefits of having lost over 150 pounds. She has personally dealt with the issues of excess skin after weight loss and the associated physical and mental issues. She is committed to assisting others who desire to choose the surgery path that she chose. She will guide you every step of the way!

Are you ready to get started on your journey?

Begin by registering; think of this as your initial visit to your surgeon. You will be asked to give personal information which will be treated confidentially. We never share your information with anyone other than our physicians and staff.

You will then be directed to the interactive Check List. The Check List will be your guide. Please keep the checklist updated so that we can follow your progress. Please contact us if you have questions. The Check List is a guide, but we want to personally assist you if you have questions.